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I discovered running later in life. 
I began my fitness love affair in 2009.  It started out as 1 mile walks.  Now, many 5K, 10K and  two Half-Marathon races later,  I am  a runner.  The journey to this point has been rewarding not only by becoming more fit, but my  appreciation for gradual progress is deeply anchored in my heart.  I would not have arrived at this point without patience and persistence.  I never imagined myself as a runner  in my youth. I was not athletic nor did I have drive to be one.  Patience, determination and the discovery of living life in a healthier way, allowed for this transformation.  During training for my first half-marathon, I experienced serious IT Band issues.  Quite discouraged and afraid it would be the end, I began searching for a way to continue.  It was at this time I discovered a marvelous running technique  called ChiRunning.  Soon after, through practice and diligence,  my IT Band issues were resolved. I achieved my training goals, without injury, and above all I was able to run two half marathon races  only one month apart.  To experience all of this first hand, turned me into a big advocate of ChiRunning. My love for running has intensified as I continue my practice . I want to share this knowledge with  the Bozeman community. How to run efficiently, with less effort, and injury free.  Running does NOT have to be hard!
ChiRunning founder Danny Dreyer
at Ashville, Nc training  April 2017
ChiRunning & ChiWalking
Certified Instructor
Barbara do amaral
CPR Certified & Insured

Bozeman half marathon september 2014
San Francisco half marathon July 2014
with my little brother Rui
CHi running instructor training
Ashville, Nc training  April 2017
First 5K April 2011
Memories & Running Journey